ABF Lager- und Produktionslogistik

Optimized Warehouse Management

A warehouse management system (WMS) manages the entire warehouse: OneBase®MFT takes over the control of all processes in your organization from the receipt of notified goods, storage location and place determination according to agreed criteria, optimized picking and consolidation to the dispatch ramp. The advantage: There are no friction losses between individual levels and processes.

The MFT module can be operated as a stand-alone solution or can be connected to an existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) via an interface.

Through a connection to an ERP system, existing material masters can be integrated and relevant information can be confirmed. The ABF software solution from one single source additionally ensures ideal handling by the employees: All processes are displayed in a simple and understandable manner on the screen / vehicle terminal.

The warehouse manager is the heart of the OneBase®MFT intralogistics solution. All material movements, whether automatically by means of transport (detected by the transport control system) or manually requested via the administrator client, are booked by the central warehouse manager process. All material movements are stored in the MFT database and transmitted to the ERP (feedback). The management of the means of transport, the coordination of interfaces to the means of transport and the higher-level IT are also part of the warehouse manager responsibilities.

Situational Adaptive Warehouse Management

To optimize the material flow control, the warehouse manager is responsible for:

  • Processing incoming transport requests (and the possibility of generating the requests)
  • Generating MFT transport and driving orders
  • Prioritization of the driving orders (taking the mode of transport and its position into account)
  • Distribution of orders to the means of transport

These functions are independent of the nature or existence of an external warehouse management system (e.g. SAP WM), but may vary in complexity. OneBase®MFT can be operated with or without an integrated warehouse management system. If the customer already has a WMS, OneBase®MFT accepts the transportation requests and returns the completed material postings to the higher-level system.

The MFT Warehouse Manager takes into account the current situation in the warehouse and continuously uses it in its calculations. These include:

  • Currently used means of transport
  • Currently selected activity (loading, picking in mixed mode) at the means of transport
  • Actual execution order of the orders and resulting possibilities for route optimization
  • Actual stacking order of the packages in block storage (X, Y, Z coordinates)

This information is not available to an external warehouse management system for destination determination and material search, but it allows the MFT Warehouse Manager to fully exploit the potential of highly optimized order creation and prioritization.

Optimized transport orders

The OneBase®MFT Warehouse Manager generates transport requests for optimized fulfilment of all transport requirements (for example production supply, warehousing, loading). For this purpose, any storage and retrieval strategies and, as a consequence, the entire material flow can be mapped using a very flexible set of rules. The rules therefore carry out target location determination and material search for order generation. The order prioritization which is taking the current means of transport position as well as the order assignment to means of transport (maximum load, selected activity ...) into account is also ensured by the regulations. Already at the order generation (but at latest during the activation), an outgoing reservation of the source location and an access reservation of the target location are carried out. This reservation is also included in the capacity checks by the rules.

The ruleset can be conveniently adjusted at any time via numerous parameters in the administration tool and the changed rules can be uploaded and activated in the MFT Warehouse Manager (without interrupting the operation by a restart).

The rule administration tool of OneBase®MFT offers not only the configuration of the rules, but also the analysis and simulation of jobs in form of a tree structure. The individual rules can be linked with transport classes and then be used for different scenarios or warehouse tasks for order generation. The order generation for a certain material can be analysed in the rule.