OneBase®MFT Desktop - efficiency and transparency for your intralogistics

The OneBase®MFT Desktop application provides easy to use warehouse administration functions for office PCs and mobile workstations like tablets. The position of the transport vehicles as well as the movements of material can be tracked by OneBase®MFT in real time – without access to the database. Orders and material movements can be retrospectively evaluated with the History Reporting Tool of the MFT Administrator. A 3D-visualization provides a quick overview of inventory levels and capacities. Single storage locations or zones can be locked quickly and easily.

Overview of the functions

The MFT Desktop provides all functions for an efficient warehouse administration:

  • Material data query and correction
  • 3D-visualisation of the warehouse including a navigation system
  • Inventory functions
  • Transportation Management
  • Creation of transport request
  • Transport / driving order list
    • Prioritization of transport orders / driving orders
    • Cancellation of transport requests
  • Lock storage location/s
  • Shipping and loading management
  • Master data management
  • History / reports
    • Material movements, storage location assignments
    • Error history, transport vehicle statistics
    • Interface monitor, reporting tool
    • Report selection mask

Statistics and KPIs

The MFT Desktop also offers a comprehensive reporting system. Basically, a number of general evaluations are available, such as:

  • Interface Monitor
  • Transportation order history, transportation order history and history of material movements
  • Fleet analysis: downtime, travel times, loaded and unloaded routes and times
  • Sensor disturbances

In addition, OneBase®MFT provides event-controlled data acquisition in the transport vehicles (if necessary even area-dependent, for example in potential danger areas). By means of certain events or at specific times (for example: load pick-up and delivery, operator log-in, error messages, warnings, sensor values), data is transmitted from the vehicle to a central event logger process and gets stored for evaluation there. A statistics tool connected to the event logger allows online processing of these data and creates trends and statistics.