Complete position recording of cranes and
transport vehicles  -  LPR® from Symeo

Products of metal manufacture such as slabs, coils and metal sheets are mostly stored in large scale halls and outdoor areas. Complex areas, serious steam and smoke development as well as strong vibrations and extreme temperatures set high requirements for the sensor technology that can be used.

Our partner Symeo offers sensor systems specially developed for these requirements, for distance measurement, position calculation and collision avoidance. The Symeo products are suitable for every method of transport, for example cranes or slab transporters, and can be used in the indoor and outdoor area. High ranges, robustness, low installation costs and low maintenance make our solutions stand out.

2D-Positionserfassung mit LPR®-2D

2D-position calculation with LPR®-2D for cranes and free moving vehicles in the inside and outside area

2D-Positionserfassung mit GNSS

2D position calculation with GNSS for cranes and free moving vehicles