Vehicle positioning and tracking | Laser

Vertriebspartnerschaft IdentPro GmbH
The innovation under RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) is the infrastructure-free location of the forklift fleet by means of laser positioning for indoor and outdoor areas.

A 2D laser scanner is mounted on the truck and scans the environment within a certain radius. As a result, an environment map is drawn in which the truck is based on known or fixed obstacles. Changes in the environment (for example due to different storage levels) are automatically taken into account.

For this it is necessary that the maps of the trucks are synchronized with each other. For this purpose, a central server service is used, which was developed by IdentPro GmbH.

The advantages of laser positioning for the forklift:

  • Markerless locating indoor / outdoor
  • No ground markers, no reflex markers, no highly accurate measurement
  • Maintenance-free procedure
  • Easy mapping (after teaching in the installation phase)
  • Simple semantic mapping
  • Clear orientation to robustness in the application
  • Three-level absolute - local - relative tracking cascade
  • Multi hypotheses tracking
  • Relocalization
  • Continuous MapUpdate for highly dynamic scenarios
  • Highly accurate location in the centimeter range
  • High robustness against disturbances (thresholds, shocks)
  • Low resource requirements: Atom processor + 2GB RAM sufficient.

The position information is transmitted to the ABF 3D forklift guidance system several times per second via a standardized interface:

  • X, Y coordinates
  • speed
  • direction