SIMATIC RTLS is used for navigation of material flows, control of mobile robots, monitoring the use of components and complete documentation of the assembly of the end product. The SIMATIC RTLS real-time radio location system ensures seamless localization throughout the entire company premises. Objects are localized with centimeter precision and the position determination is made available to higher-level systems in real time. SIMATIC RTLS enables a digital twin of all processes.

The relevant objects - such as workpieces, tools, robots etc. - are equipped with a transponder for this purpose. The signals of the transponders are recorded by gateways and transmitted in bundled form to the locating server (Locating Manager). The Locating Manager is a software that calculates the real-time position of the individual transponders and transmits it to higher-level systems via defined interfaces.

SIMATIC RTLS uses the innovative ultra-wide broadband technology (UWB). This ensures that objects can be located with a particularly high degree of accuracy and reliability, down to ten centimeters. SIMATIC RTLS is particularly easy to install and can be expanded by additional units at any time without additional configuration effort.  Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or cloud-based applications can thus dynamically trigger commands - for target systems such as mobile robots, PLCs or autonomous vehicles, for example. This makes it clear: SIMATIC RTLS is the localization platform for dynamic, self-organizing processes.


  • Flexible solution for localization applications thanks to industrial scalability
  • High future-proof thanks to expandability to new applications or operating areas
  • Smooth solution implementation thanks to comprehensive Siemens expertise
  • Adaptable integration into various IT systems up to cloud-based applications
  • Accuracy and reliability in industrial environments thanks to robust design