SAP ME - Manufacturing Execution

SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) is an MES solution, which arose from the takeover of Visiprise by SAP. Its main functions are:

SAP partner
  • Traceability
  • Production control
  • NC management, handling complaints
  • Handling construction changes
  • Time recording
  • Evaluations, KPIs

ME is operated via Operator Dashboards, which can be configured according to the task and the work place. The production sequence can be configured for every part in such a way that all throughput variants for test, reworking etc. can be controlled in detail.
For traceability, all information from production, quality testing or reworking is recorded for parts, modules and components. High performance, analytical functions are available to evaluate this data.
The typical areas of application are production and assembly operations with high standards for quality assurance, traceability and product documentation.
ABF supports you as an experienced MES partner, with the analysis of the task and when using the product.