OPC-UA | Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture

OPC is one of the most important communication protocols for Industrie 4.0 and IoT. It enables standardised access to machines, devices and other systems in the industrial environment.  The addition UA (Unified Architecture) designates the latest specification of the OPC standard. OPC-UA is platform-independent and can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac, among others. OPC-UA uses binary TCP/IP or alternatively SOAP communication and originates from the OPC Foundation. 

Why OPC-UA? The vision of OPC-UA is that all devices become UA-capable and therefore a standardised data exchange can take place via OPC-UA. Data processing in visualisations, SCADA or even MES systems can be done in an application- or project-specific manner. Standardisation, networking and security are in the foreground and therefore offer the best conditions for horizontal and vertical communication of systems in industrial digitalisation.

ABF and OPC-UA | OPC-UA also plays a major role in the OneBase®World. OneBase®CoRE supports efficient integration through new OPC-UA connectors. Many industrial companies buy new plants/machines and want to network them using OPC-UA. For example, we have already implemented a connection to a controller via OPC-UA for one of our customers in 2018. One of our automotive customers has already connected over 150 controllers/machines to their SAP system using OPC-UA with our help. In a current project, all systems (cranes, shuttles and production machines) are now being equipped with OPC-UA and subsequently integrated into our OneBase®MES and OneBase®MFT.