Integration of ERP

The prompt integration of the production processes with the ERP processes is a basic requirement for material disposition, production planning and maintenance working perfectly in the ERP, and all details of the production process being evaluated exactly in terms of costs, in controlling.

SAP-MEINT (ME-Integration) - an SAP-MII component within SAP-MES

With SAP-MEINT, the following master data can be taken from the ERP as standard:

  • Material master including classification
  • Work schedule
  • Parts list
  • Resources
  • User

Movement data:

  • Production order including material master, work schedule, parts list,
    order documents and inspection lots
  • Planned order
  • Production feedback for manufacturing or planned orders
  • Material notifications
  • Goods issue for order (removal of primary material)
  • Goods receipt for order (production)
  • Measurement points (PM)
  • QA notifications on inspection lot
  • Quality notifications
  • And much more

Exclusively usage of SAP-MII

SAP partner

In the case of exclusive use of SAP-MII, the ERP can be accessed for reading and writing, via the standard RFCs or even application specifically created RFCs.

Other ERP-Systems

Other ERP systems are integrated via database interface.