Warehouse Management System for an Automatic Crane Warehouse for Steel Coils

Automatic-coil Warehouse for a designated customer in the Steel Processing Industry

Schütz GmbH based in Germany and working in the steel processing industry has engaged ABF to create a warehouse management and crane guidance system in an automated coil warehouse.

The customer benefits from the following aspects:

  • Traceable internal transport logistics and continuous material tracking
  • Order-controlled material transports
  • Reduction of the time-consuming search for the right coil
  • Optimized use of existing storage capacities resulting in a higher storage density
  • Optimization of crane routes
  • Automatic stock movements

Scope of supply:

In the automatic warehouse steel coils with up to 35t weight are stored, all of which have a different outer diameter between 1m and 2.5m and are stored in up to 3 layers.

A conventional stacking without consideration of coil properties is therefore not possible due to the different dimensions of the goods. Our team of highly qualified software developers has therefore developed an algorithm that calculates an optimal storage location for the next coil to be deposited. The associated transportation order is then transferred to the crane for automatic execution. With this developed algorithm, not only damages due to rolling of coils or deformation of them by storage of heavy coils on light coils can be avoided but also the bearing density can be kept high.

The integration of coil wagons (which bring material to production and return waste material to the warehouse) in the area of ​​the automatic crane protected by high-quality safety technology completes the integration of the new automatic crane warehouse into the existing infrastructure.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) of the OneBase®MFT Intralogistics suite takes care of the precise management of the automatic coil warehouse. The integrated transport control system optimizes the automatic crane and coil wagon movements.

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