Production control system for wire drawing plant


Complete MES solution incl. production planning for a wire drawing plant of an international steel group

Service areas:

Production planning, operating data collection, operating equipment management, data warehouse, control technology based on the products OneBase® and WEMON by ABF and database, discoverer and forms/reports from ORACLE


  • Production planning system with material disposition, technology planning, capacity planning and detailed planning
  • Operating data collection and tracking of wire rings
  • Plant connection (specifications for the plant and acceptance of measurement values)
  • Trend mapping of measurement values (temperature curves, drawing speeds and stretching force)
  • Compilation of employee times
  • Operating equipment management (dies, rollers, embossing rollers,..)
  • Attestation - specification of examinations, compilation of test values (sometimes directly from measurement devices) and printing out the attestation for the customers
  • WEMON – Recording continual and discrete plant values and above all also waste water values for the authorities
  • Oracle Discoverer – collecting data in a customer specific data warehouse database for a variety of evaluations
  • Load management of energy consumption to avoid expensive energy peaks
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