Forklift Guidance System and WMS in a Block Storage

​Introduction of OneBase®MFT with full functionality for the automatic tracking and control of pallet in the block storage of an MDF board producer. Probably the most advanced 3D forklift control system and OneBase®MFT optimizes the storage and retrieval of up to 5 meter long MDF pallets for a company in the woodworking industry.

Advantages of the system introduction:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the transport fleet by significantly reducing material search times
  • Reduction of material identification times (time consuming barcode scans)
  • Automatic material postings in SAP ERP
  • Optimized control of warehouse, production and shipping
  • Maximizing Intralogistics Transparency
  • Route optimization through intelligent job distribution
  • Integrated truck loading


  • Engineering, delivery and commissioning of the hardware for a RTLS (ZenoCam / ZenoLSR from ZENOWAY) and ultrasonic sensors for automatic load detection on 12 stackers
  • Standardized integration of automatic production inputs and outputs
  • Interface to the production control system and to SAP ERP (picking and loading)
  • Optimized MFT Warehouse Management (WMS) with comprehensive rules for destination and material determination for transport order generation (logical warehouses, production status, sorted storage, picking, empty runs ...) including prioritization of orders by considering the current stacker position
  • Optimized dynamic space management of pallets in bulk storage
  • Forklift guidance system with 3D visualization and central 3D MFT administrator application
  • Goods receipt and shipping by truck with exclusive and mixed loading
  • Rollout to 7 more locations (total 150)
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