Container terminal port Cologne

Container tracking and radio data transmission at the Stapelkai terminal at Cologne-Niehl port

5 reach stackers and 3 container crane systems work on the over 200,000m² area for container handling. Apart from ship loading, these are also used for railway and HGV loading.
ABF was assigned as the general contractor , to equip the whole area with a WLAN radio data transmission system, and all vehicles and cranes with a position recording system.

Scope of project:

  • Position recording of the 3 container cranes, using robust DGPS/LPR® solution of our partner Symeo with an availability of >99%. To calculate the lift heights on the cranes, absolute value transmitters were retrofitted.
  • 5 reach stackers were also equipped with DGPS and additional sensors, so that a high level of reliability of the position can be guaranteed, even in shadowed areas.
  • Installation of an automatic load change recognition on all cranes and reach stackers.
  • Installation of a highly available and area wide (approx. 200,000 m²) WLAN radio data transmission system according to standard IEEE 802.11
  • Delivery of mobile terminal devices for order processing in the container area
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