Collision warning system

Decentralised solution for collision warning between heavy goods transporters and cranes for a slab warehouse in a large steel works

OneBase®MFT with the modules material tracking and evaluation

ABF obtained the order as a general contractor for the creation of a collision warning system, in the area of the slab hot storage in the steel works of voestalpine Linz.
The aim was to warn crane and heavy goods drivers about possible collisions, in a suitable way, and therefore avoid possible accidents.
A further important aspect was the simple expansion possibility (without software changes) into other outdoor areas and halls of the factory premises, where the same or similar hazardous situations exist.

Scope of project:

  • Collision warning system for 6 cranes and 12 slab transporters on the basis of Symeo LPR®
  • Visual and acoustic warning in the vehicle and crane cabins
  • Detailed analysis of near-misses
  • History player - Traceability of all movements and hazardous situations
  • Central online visualisation for joint display of all vehicle and crane movements in real time

The decentralised collision warning system at voestalpine has proven itself to be extremely robust, fail safe and low maintenance.

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