3D Forklift Guidance System at an High Bay Warehouse with SAP WM

3D forklift guidance system for a multinational automotive supplier


When redesigning the logistics center of a multinational automotive supplier in Mexico, great value was placed on using a state-of-the-art intralogistics solution. In its flagship project, the customer relied on the forklift guidance system innovation of the ABF OneBase® Intralogistics Suite. The state-of-the-art 3D control system currently provides on forklift trucks and reach trucks for the automatic tracking and booking of Euro pallets in a high rack with 10,000 storage bins.

This is what our customer says about the project:

Advantages of the introduction:​

  • Increasing the efficiency of the transport fleet through route-optimized navigation in the warehouse
    • Forcing double cycles
    • Reduction of empty runs
    • Shortening of the distances driven
    • Intelligent distribution of forklifts to different storage lanes
  • Situation-dependent allocation of transport requests
    • according to current stacker position and routes
    • taking into account target times
    • on the basis of current capacities
  • Avoidance of complex barcode scans
  • Automatic material postings in SAP WM
  • Permanent inventory
  • Maximizing the intralogistics transparency
  • Empties management


  • Engineering, delivery and commissioning of the hardware for a laser-based RTLS (ZenoLSR from ZENOWAY), as well as the laser height sensor and ultrasonic sensor system for automatic load detection on 7 forklifts
  • Supply of industrial DLoG forklift terminals
  • Standardized web service interface to SAP WM (WM TORD Transport Order and Confirmation)
  • Forklift guidance system with 3D visualization and central 3D MFT administrator application
  • Take-over by the ground personnel using a standardized PDA app (on Skorpio X3 barcode scanners)


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