The ABF system platform for customer-specific implementation of MES solutions

OneBase® is the ABF system platform for customer-specific implementations of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions, which offers a perfect construction kit for time-critical applications in the production area through complete packages for PDC, MDE, logistics, OEE and so on.

The flexible configurable interface OneBase® SAP-Connector to MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) creates an end-to-end total solution for the entire company, which integrates all production areas logistically as well as commercially based on SAP ERP.


OneBase® Suite

OneBase Suite

The prerequisite for mastering the complexity of modern production facilities is their network among each other. This time-critical integration is the domain of the ABF system platform OneBase®. The functionality of the higher-level standard system is used in the best possible way; complex production logic such as real-time functions for controlling production and material flow or the optimization of complex functions and process models are implemented with OneBase®MFT and integrated into the automation level.

OneBase® Connectors:

  • Standardized data exchange on the time-critical production and process control level
  • OneBase® SAP MII Connector
  • OneBase® OPC Connector
  • OneBase®MFT XML / XSL Connector

OneBase® components and extensions:

  • Visualization and easy handling operating components for the realization of simple user interfaces
  • OneBase® Rules: calculations, rules
  • OneBase® Trend: measurement, trending and SPC
  • OneBase® Production: Standard functions for operation and machine data acquisition (BDE, MDE, QDE) including OEE determination
  • OneBase®MFT: Logistics components for material flow control, material tracking and warehouse management