Crane Guidance System

Not only just the currently newest 3D-Forklift Guidance System was created by ABF, but also the 3D-Crane Guidance System is a module of the Intralogistics Suite OneBase®MFT. Regardless if the cranes in your warehouse can be manually or automatically operated ... ABF has the perfect solution for you! 

Lageransicht 3D

The picture above shows the overview of a block storage, which was manipulated by manually operated cranes. The person who operates the crane receives all the information of the ware inside the warehouse and in addition to all that the transport orders he has to execute. The Transfer requirements can one the one hand be triggered by sensor technology, logic and interfaces or on the other hand be manually generated by a operator. The cranes can therefore be optimally used to capacity.

The Crane Guidance System works perfect on automatic cranes. Bellow a example of two automatic cranes in a cantilever rack:

The OneBase®MFT Guidance System not only assists forklifts and cranes, moreover it is the optimal intralogistics solution for hybrid fleets of ground vehicles, traction engines and tugger trains. The Guidance System makes sure to optimize the management of the warehouse through automatically movement of the material.    

Positioning made easy - with LPR® of Symeo


The position detection of manually operated cranes occurs through the components of our partner Symeo. 

They have specialised in the positioning of means of transport under special circumstances. (Areas that are unclear, strong and smoke development as well as strong vibrations and extreme temperatures)