Warehouse management

  • Incoming goods
  • Integration of the production aggregates
  • Store | Retrieve | Transfer
  • Order picking
  • Loading and dispatch

Material tracking

  • Centimetre-exact in the coordinate system
  • Vehicle tracking with RTLS
  • Traceability of all movements
  • Collision warning system
  • 3D visualization system

Material flow control system

  • Fully automatic cranes, stacker cranes, AGV
  • Forklift guidance system
  • Transport assignment
  • Automatic target location determination
  • Diagnostics and simulation



OneBase®MFT is of modular design and features in its
full potential 4 components



  • A high-capacity warehouse management system
  • A adaptive forklift guidance system
  • A Administration-Desktop to guarantee full transparency
  • A configurator to adapt the warehouse easily


Efficiency has many dimensions,
OneBase®MFT increases them ALL!

Time Saving

Any non-value-added activity needs time that could be invested in value-adding activities. Take the step with ABF and experience how scanning, searching and assigning tasks with OneBase®MFT are a thing of the past.

Standardisation as a result of process transparency

Standardisation is a prerequisite for the transition to the digital age. The inventory and analysis of the current processes in the warehouse as well as the definition of ideal processes is very easy with the support of OneBase®MFT.

100% Stock Reliability

For many years, logistics managers have been developing improvised solutions to answer a trivial question: What's in the warehouse and where can I find it?

WithOneBase®MFT this question is obsolete. A few clicks are enough and the entire warehouse is visualized. Real time. In 3D.

Increased Capacity

Incorporating forecast data, reduced manipulation areas and intelligent, chaotic storage, taking into account storage and retrieval strategies has the potential to increase storage capacity.

One Communication Network

Warehouse tours are important. However, multiple warehouse rounds per shift, just to deliver information, are completely unnecessary. With OneBase®MFT,all employees are networked with each other and intralogistics can be controlled digitally. Paperless.

Clear Division of Responsibilities

Agreements between forklift / crane operators at a simultaneous loading process, calls to deliver supplies and unnecessary movements to explore the location are things of the past. OneBase®MFT automatically generates transportation orders and instantly displays them in the optimum sequence at the terminal in the means of transport. Increased efficiency is guaranteed!

Our intralogistics solution OneBase®MFT integrates a powerful warehouse management system (WMS) with a continuous material tracking and a fully automatic, situation-adaptive material flow control for all internal logistics processes.

Lageransicht 3DThe proven ABF intralogistics solution offers standardized functions for continuous material tracking and material flow control. MFT allows to track and control different types of forklifts, cranes, tractors and tugger trains. MFT optimizes your intralogistics in manual but also in automatic block and rack storages. The included means of transport management provides information about all relevant fleet data.

Due to automatically posted stock operations, the material gets tracked throughout the whole warehouse. This gives you an exact overview and complete transparency of the position of every single piece within the logistics chain at all times. A forklift control system and a comprehensive warehouse management system are part of the OneBase®MFT Intralogistics Suite which runs on the OneBase® platform. Optimization algorithms and a dynamic, adaptive set of rules ensure the continuous calculation of the necessary driving orders for all necessary in-house material transports. This optimized situation dynamic real-time behaviour leads to an efficient use of the available storage and transport capacities and ensures efficient material flow.

Customer Benefit

ABF as a solution provider 

More than 30 years of experience as a logistics and automation specialist

A complete solution from one single source: hardware, software, assembly engineering and commissioning by ABF

Extensive experience in the assembly of RTLS and sensors in numerous projects on more than 100 different means of transport (forklifts / cranes)

The ABF solution

A complete intralogistics solution for hybrid fleets of forklifts, cranes, tractors, milkruns, AGVs

Short project implementation time through usage of the intralogistics solution OneBase®MFT with a very high degree of standardization

Flexibility with customer-specific extensions and optimizations

Higher storage efficiency, productivity and quality

Complete material tracking via RTLS

No more material search time, marking time and identification time

Permanent inventory

Avoidance of incorrect bookings due to automatisms

On-time delivery at production facilities and to the loading zone

Transparency and efficiency in the warehouse due to more information available

Short training times thanks to intuitive operation and the best possible system support

Assistance systems for more safety during transport and storage

Optimization of resources used by situation-adaptive warehouse management

Order-driven material movements for paperless logistics


The forklift guidance system the crane guidance system integrate the RTLS and the sensors for the automatic detection of material movements with the vehicle terminal via a control box. In a graphical user interface, the user is supported in his work by means of drive orders and a graphical warehouse view.

The Administrator module (the MFT Desktop application) is available for administration tasks on stationary and mobile operator panels. Administration tasks include e.g. material management, transport management, order management.

The configurator is used for warehouse configuration during the setup and expansion phase of the system.


All material bookings, whether automatically requested by the means of transport itself (transport control system) or by administrator clients (handheld scanners / tablets), are carried out via the central Warehouse Manager first, made persistent afterwards and reported to the ERP in the end.

All modules have a very high degree of configurability and can also be adapted to specific customer requirements by means of individual developments.

Time for innovation in your intralogistics

The OneBase®MFT logistics solution integrates a high performance warehouse management system, with continual material tracking and a fully automatic, situation adaptive, material flow control for the in-plant logistics processes.

The OneBase®MFT logistics solution got awarded in the realization of the voestalpine Austria Wire Rod GmbH with the following Success Story and the 2nd place at the VNL Logistics Award in 2015: