Product range of ABF

ABF has been investing in the development of software products for many years, with the aim of being able to efficiently cover the requirements of all our customers from their manufacturing and logistics processes with the contribution of the products supplied by companies of our our partner network. The main focus of attention here is the use of state-of-the-art technologies, the flexibility of use for various sectors, and the simple adaptability to the actual processes of the customer.

The OneBase®system platform was developed from the sum of experience gained in the implementation of numerous projects in the industrial environment. System independence as well as high availability of the OneBase®-solutions is the main focus.

OneBase®in the Internet of Things

State of the art control systems for production and intralogistics are based on the most accurate possible representation of the real operational environment in the virtual world. A modern IoT concept with continuous networking of all sensors, actuators and smart devices turns this virtual image into a "living" digital twin.

The real-time behaviour of this digital twin of production and intralogistics with a permanent recording of all factors and parameters places the highest demands on the IoT system basis in terms of networking and communication of smart devices and edge nodes.

The edge nodes are used to integrate conventional sensors as well as actuators and preprocess them for performance purposes. The communication and edge computing platform OneBase®represents the IoT enabler for all solutions from ABF.

OneBase®World provides a comprehensive product family with standardized modules..