Improvement in warehouse efficiency through
Material Flow Tracking with sense

Logistics managers daily struggle to handle their warehouses. It is often attempted to gain an overview with individual solutions and thus control processes. Sadly, much potential is lost with these bitty measures.


Therefore ABF developed THE solution to increasing in efficiency in the warehouse.


OneBase®MFT is of modular design and features in its full potential 4 components:

  • A high-capacity warehouse management system
  • A adaptive forklift guidance system
  • A Administration-Desktop to guarantee full transparency
  • A configurator to adapt the warehouse easily


Efficiency has many dimensions,
increases them ALL!

Time Saving

Any non-value-added activity needs time that could be invested in value-adding activities. Take the step with ABF and experience how scanning, searching and assigning tasks with OneBase®MFT are a thing of the past.

Standardisation through Process Transparency

Standardization is a prerequisite for the transition to the digital age. To see how processes are going on in the warehouse right now and to determine ideal processes after basic analysis is very easy with the support of OneBase®MFT.

100% Stock Reliability

For many years, logistics managers have been developing improvised solutions to answer a trivial question: What's in the warehouse and where can I find it?

OneBase®MFT will not ask you for a question. A few clicks are enough and the entire warehouse is visualized. Real time. In 3D.

Increased Capacity

Incorporating forecast data, reduced manipulation areas and intelligent storage, taking into account storage and retrieval strategies has the potential to increase storage capacity.

One Communication Network

Warehouse tours are important. Repeated warehouse tours per shift, merely to provide information, are unnecessary. With OneBase®MFT, all employees among each other as well as the administration team is connected with all employees.

Clear Division of Responsibilities

Agreements between forklift / crane operators at a simultaneous loading process is a thing of the past. OneBase®MFT automatically generates transportation orders and instantly displays the optimal transportation jobs for the means of transport at the terminal. Increased efficiency is guaranteed!