OneBase®MFT Forklift Guidance System

OneBase®MFT Staplerleitsystem

Forklift Control System Independent Of Manufacturer

ABF Staplerleitsystem

With the OneBase®MFT forklift control system, all material handling in the warehouse is transparent and priority-controlled.

Material is picked up and discharged fully automatically without additional barcode scans. The existing forklift fleet is equipped with additional hardware.

All upcoming transport orders are displayed on the forklift terminal optimized according to the current situation. This enables an efficient processing of all transfer requirements in the warehouse.

The advantages of a driverless transport system combined with the flexibility and speed of a manned forklift – that is the forklift control system of OneBase®MFT.

Route optimization of the means of transport

Source and destination marker

Situation-adaptive motion task prioritization

Collision warning in all warehouse types

The basic tasks of forklift control systems include the optimal control of industrial trucks and the optimized execution of all transport requirements – beginning from the production area to the loading area. The warehouse management system knows the transport needs and transmits them to the forklift control system via WLAN. The driver's orders are displayed in a prioritized order on a forklift terminal. The OneBase®MFT forklift control system works with time and distance optimization, enables doubles and thus saves unnecessary empty runs.

Highest efficiency can be guaranteed by integrating a vehicle tracking system (RTLS based on laser, radar, GPS or optical technology) to OneBase®MFT. As a result, not only the priority of the transport tasks and the current transport resource utilization, but also the current location of the means of transport is taken into account in the order distribution.

By integrating the vehicle’s sensors (load sensor, lifting height measurement), the forklift control system enables automatic and complete material tracking. Without manual inputs or time-consuming barcode scans, the forklift control system recognizes material pick-up and delivery. The transport unit is managed with centimetre precision (X, Y, Z position) in the warehouse - whether in a block or a rack warehouse. In addition to the optimized material flow control, this ensures seamless material tracking.

The OneBase®MFT control system not only supports forklift trucks, but it is the ideal intralogistics solution for hybrid fleets of cranes, ground vehicles, tractors and tugger trains. The control system ensures the optimized management of the warehouse through automatic material movements.

The advantages are obvious:

  • No material search times
  • No material identification times
  • Automatic material departures and additions
  • Stock loyalty
  • On-time delivery
  • No erroneous entries
  • Permanent inventory

Order Handling

A priority order of driving assignments will be allocated to the means of transport. The fleet can be divided into different zones according to their activity (eg storage, picking, loading ...). A transport order can be available to several means of transport in the same zone and is considered activatable as soon as the material which has to be transported has arrived at the source location. At the activation of an order (when the user accepts the transport order) it is assigned to a specific vehicle so that it is no longer visible to the other means of transport in the same zone and the transportation starts.

Once the material has been delivered to the suggested job destination, the transport order is successfully completed.

Navigation System

The OneBase®MFT forklift guidance system provides a 3D-navigation system. The user of the system is directed to the next source or destination of the activated transport order. The configuration (permitted speeds, track widths, unidirectional or bidirectional passable aisles...) of the possible routes can be carried out with the MFT Configurator application.

The 3D-navigation system optimizes:

  • Routes
  • Multi-level transports
  • Doubles
  • Empty runs
  • Waiting times
  • Training times for new staff

Safety Cockpit

The OneBase®MFT forklift control system contributes to more safety in your warehouse. For this purpose, it provides functions for warning against collisions and speed overs.

The integration of the RTLS allows to know the current speed, direction and position of the used vehicle and uses the information to calculate warnings for potential collisions.

Speed ranges can also be defined in the MFT system. The outcome are defined zones, where the current vehicle speed is compared with the defined speed limit. If the vehicle exceeds the limit, the driver is warned visually via the FGS.

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