MES solution work preparation

Work preparation

Significant functions in the area of work preparation are the allocation of order, material and customer specific documents, the specification of set up and/or test data for production and inline tests, and checking available primary materials. Furthermore, master data can be entered to plan in resources and employees. These functions are carried out in various configurations, either in ERP or in MES.

Control centre

According to the usage times of the resources defined in the shift plan, these can be occupied with procedures in the detailed planning. The display will be updated according to feedback, so that the planned finishing times of the processes are always shown.

Worker registration, time recording

With time recording, it is important that the working hours of the workers can be divided flexibly over several resources, so that the actual time required for the process can be recorded in controlling.

Process registration, production feedback

After registration of a process, the material bookings are carried out in ERP, via primary material and production notification, traceability records are saved, production and idle times are recorded and rejects are reported.

Inline measurements

According to test plan (inspection lot from the ERP or locally entered) measurement values are compiled and assigned to the production material.

Key figures, OEE

The gathered production and shut down times as well as the production quantities and rejects are compared to the planned usage times and production quantities, and the OEE factors are calculated from this (availability, performance, quality factor).