Fully automated control of production plants and transport systems

The fully automatic control of complex, technology specific production systems is the core competence of ABF. Using our standard templates and/or standard products, integration concepts are developed in agreement with the suppliers of the services, which make maintenance very easy and clear, due to the most consistent standardisation possible, even in the case of very complex requirements. This is a very important requirement, so that the planned productivity can be achieved.

Steel industry

Automotive industry


Pharmaceutical industry

Timber industry


Technology specific process models for plant optimisation

In many projects, we have (often together with the research department of the client) developed optimisation functions and process models, which allow plants to be operated more economically, than with just static control functions.



Plant setup, automatic recording of plant measurement values, and allocation for production

Based on specifications from the ERP, the work preparation and also the process models, the appropriate target values for the plants are given.

As a requirement for traceability, quality assurance and complaint processing, actual data from production and test values are recorded and allocated to production.