Customer specific solutions

Not all customer-specific requirements for the mapping of individual production and logistics processes in the IT systems can be covered 100% by the available standard products. Depending on the architecture of the respective products, project-specific adaptations to standard software are often time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive. Depending on the given requirements, the development of individual software or single individual software components can have different advantages for the customer.

  • Exact mapping of existing processes and resulting competitive advantages

  • Simpler possibility of connecting heterogeneous systems in the area of machine and plant control

  • More flexible option for ongoing adjustments to changing production processes

  • Money saving

Our OneBase product family is designed from the ground up for flexible use in various branches of the production industry. For this reason, we have already attached importance to a very high degree of parameterization and adaptability to the production and logistics processes to be mapped when designing the individual product components and their architecture. In addition, the OneBase product family is equipped with a shared communication platform, which serves as a system platform for all product components.

Customer-specific individual software modules or even complete individual solutions are integrated in our OneBase architecture just like our various OneBase product components using standardized methods. In this way, you receive a requirement specific individual solution that is delivered as an integrated OneBase system.

Ihre Vorteile:

  • 100 times proven OneBase platform

  • Individual solution for mapping your production and logistics processes

  • Use of suitable modules of the OneBase product family

  • Flexible expandability