ABF – The company history

Between the company founding in 1988 and today, there are now 30 years of success stories with numerous milestones. 

1988 Company foundation

Foundation of ABF - Industrielle Automation limited company by Dipl.-Ing. Günther Adelwöhrer, Dipl.-Ing. Edgar Brunnthaler and Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Freiberger

1989 The first big projects

ABF is assigned with the first big projects
  • Main computer system for gearing production at Caterpillar in Grenoble
  • Steering systems for power train mounting lines for VW in Hannover

1990 Following project for VW

Following project at VW for the car body manufacturing in Wolfsburg

1992 Award for best start-up entrepreneur

Award for best start-up entrepreneur

ABF gets decorated with the award for the best start-up entrepreneur

1996 ISO certification

ISO 9001 certification

As one of the first service companies ABF gets certified according to ISO-9001

1997 First major order for voestalpine

ABF gets the order for material tracking in the rail rolling mill in Donawitz

1998 New office building in Südpark, Linz

ABF builds its new office in Südpark, Linz

Our office was the first building in the Südpark Linz, which became a prosperous industrial area in the mean time. Our head office in the Südpark has a direct connection to the motor highway A1 and is close to the recreation area of the Pichlinger lake.

2000 OneBase®development

ABF starts with the development of the OneBase®application platform

2001 Enlargement of our new office building in Südpark, Linz

2002 OneBase® becomes the central platform

OneBase® becomes the central platform for numerous major projects in the industrial automation sector
  • voestalpine steelworks master computer for LD converter
  • Mannesmann ring rolling mill
  • Norsk Hydro aluminium extrusion plants
  • voestalpine Linz raw iron industry

2003 Motor assembly for BMW

ABF is assigned with the order for developing a main computing system for the motor assembly of BMW

2009 First projects using SAP-MII

ABF uses SAP-MII as platform for process and manufacturing systems

2013 SAP partner

SAP partner
After the successful realisation of a number of projects in the area of SAP manufacturing, ABF gets officially nominated as qualified partner for SAP MII and SAP ME.  

2014 Product development of the OneBase®MFT logistics solution

Completion of the new logistics solution and first implementation in a customer project based on the newly developed logistics solution OneBase®MFT

ABF provides the plant overall logistics system for the voestalpine wire rolling mill

2015 SAP - ME Projects

Pilotprojekt OnePiece Flow
ABF - Industrial Automation becomes most likely the most successful SAP MII and SAP ME Integrator in Austria

For BRP-Rotax and KTM, MES large-scale projects are being implemented with the SAP ME solution. The course for One Piece Flow and increase of productivity is set.

ABF Industrial Automation makes a significant contribution to the success story of the MES solution from SAP. The ME project at BRP-Rotax is one of the three most successful SAP ME success stories worldwide.

2016 Fair Events

LogiMAT Staplerleitsystem

Since 2016, ABF - Industrial Automation is exhibiting at the largest annual logistics fair in Europe, the LogiMAT in Stuttgart. ABF thrilled the visitors with a live demo of the OneBase®MFT Intralogistics Suite.

2017 Innovative Intralogistics

MFT Desktop - Lageransicht

2017 is marked by major intralogistics projects in the field of forklift trucks and crane logistics. The OneBase®MFT Intralogistics Suite gets introduced at sites of  the following customers:

  • Salzgitter Mannesmann Grobblech GmbH (crane warehouse)
  • Binderholz (automatic crane)
  • Finsa (bulk storage with stackers)
  • Bosch (high-bay warehouse with stackers)

2018 30 years ABF

We celebrated the 30th anniversary of our company with a glittering party.

2019 ABF is growing

For the first time in ABF's history, our number of employees has broken the 50 mark.